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TIP and Pro Bono

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Join the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada staff and District Court judges as they discuss the importance of pro bono activities with current TIP participants.

  • Introduction - Hon. Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Overview of TIP Program and pro bono aspects - Gregory Kamer, Esq., TIP Standing Committee Chair
  • Why Pro Bono Makes a Difference - Barbara Buckley, Esq.
  • Pro Bono Opportunities - Melanie Kushnir, LACSN
  • Pro Bono Advisory Council, Hon. Joanna Kishner
  • Views from the Bench - Hon. James Bixler, Hon. Douglas Smith, Hon. Michael Villani, Hon. Nancy Allf, Hon. Vincent Ochoa, Hon. Linda Bell, Hon. Adriana Escobar, Hon. Carolyn Ellsworth, Hon. Susan Scann and Hon. Gloria Sturman
  • Supreme Court Rule 6.1 - Hon. Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Developing a Firm Culture of Pro Bono - R. Christopher Reade, Esq.


Hon. Elizabeth Gonzalez
Gregory Kamer, Esq.
Barbara Buckley, Esq.
Melanie Kushnir, LACSN
Hon. Joanna Kishner
Hon. James Bixler
Hon. Douglas Smith
Hon. Michael Villani
Hon. Nancy Allf
Hon. Vincent Ochoa
Hon. Linda Bell
Hon. Adriana Escobar
Hon. Carolyn Ellsworth
Hon. Susan Scann
Hon. Gloria Sturman
R. Christopher Reade, Esq.


Course Format: 
Mobile CLE
Course Subjects: 
51 Minutes
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